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We have been expecting you.

I have a question.

Did your marketing and advertising go out today and get you a customer? Did it build relationships with past customers?

If “Not”, why not?

There is a lot of contractor marketing services out there.  Making it hard to know who to choose, to help grow your small business. 

Contractor Marketing Network (CMN), is a small contractor marketing company, specializing in working with contractors to get better results from their marketing efforts.

We do the marketing tasks, that you know, would make your business more successful. IF you had the time and knowledge.

The cliché’ of “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business” is wrong.  Your small contracting business is very personal.  For many, it is your life.  Your contracting business is food on the table, clothes for the kids, vacation time with family and hopefully time for a hobby or two you have.  That is quite personal if you ask me.

Working with a contractor marketing agency, should be a benefit to your company in many ways.  More than results, your marketing agency should be willing to work with you on a personal level.  A marketing company should understand your business, not only the marketing part of your small business.  They should know the types of customers you service, where those customers are, the seasonal workflow and when customers are looking for a certain service you provide.

Contractor Marketing Network works close with our clients.  Sunday night text messages, from clients is not out of the normal.  On many phone calls, I am talking with client/friends about things other than marketing.  We think it is important to have friendly relationships with our clients.  It helps us understand the person behind the company and we work hard for friends.  Their successes in essence, become our successes.

Contractor Marketing Network reviews and testimonials.  Communication with customers is important.
Communication is important

No matter who does the marketing of your business, one thing is important… consistency.  That is one thing CMN does for your business is keep you consistent, saving you time and getting you more exposure in the process.

From adding articles to your website that get seen by more people searching.  To creating engaging post on your social media. We send out monthly newsletters to past and present customers to keep you top of mind.

We optimize your Google My Business on a weekly basis, getting you found on Google is one of our top priorities.  Everyone (92%) does a Google search when looking for a service for their problems.

Contractor Marketing Network is a full-service contractor marketing company.  Our service packages include these services, plus more.

Websites – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website Heat Mapping

More people will see your website and convert to customers

Google My Business Management

Google Maps Marketing

You’ll show up in more searches.  Get more phone calls and customers in the process.

Social Media Management

(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube)

Helps you build relationships, trust and communicate with people/customers in your community

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

You can harness the massive reach. When people have a question that needs answering their first stop is usually Google.  Google It!

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Keeps you top of mind with your customers.  We are all busy, newsletters act as reminders.  Newsletters also, inform, educate and entertain your customers.  Interactions make better company/customer relationships.

EDDM – Direct Mail – Direct Response Marketing

Direct marketing that is targeted to a specific audience can help you set realistic sales goals and improve sales results on a tight marketing budget.  We can make you the top company in specific areas using EDDM sales funnels.

Review – Reputation – Referral Management

Everyone has had a bad review.  We manage them for you.  While actively getting you more, positive reviews with our automated process.  No more pulling teeth, to get customers to give you that review.

Database Marketing

Our marketing database has over 14 million businesses and a database of over 200 million consumers. We can target almost any type of person or business that could benefit your businesses marketing effort.

Primary benefit of working with Contractor Marketing Network

We do the marketing tasks, that you know will help your business. Like having an in-house marketing department, without the cost. We keep your marketing consistent.

We handle all these marketing services for you, plus more. All your business marketing in one package.  We are the engine, not parts of the motor.  

  • Could your marketing efforts use some help?
  • Could you benefit from having a better marketing program for your business?
  • Do you want to grow your business?

If you answered yes, then get in touch with us today.   Don’t put it off.

Procrastination is successes, assassin.

RJ Cooper

The process starts with reaching out and getting to know one another.

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Contractor Marketing Network Facebook Study Group

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