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Take four minutes and read the entire page.  This might be what you have been looking for.
Are you interested in a no BS, marketing system? 
Unlike so many other services and guru’s on the social networks, is off of experience… going back to 1986?
If so, Great!  Keep reading.
  • First, I don’t sell leads.  I build a marketing system called the Plus One Marketing System is build for you.
  • Second, marketing is not about a Facebook Ads or Google Ads. It is not about website SEO, it is not about email or newsletter marketing. It is not about postcard mailing, door hanger canvasing or truck lettering.  It is about making all those things work together. A holistic marketing system.
  • Third, I am not going to talk over your head with tech stuff. Boast to make it seem easy to make you rich or deliver a bunch of leads.
I have been in this field for 32 years. Never working in any other industry but construction and contracting. So to steal from Farmers Insurance, “I know a thing or two about a thing or two.”
Two of the biggest things I know is, YOU and I know your customers.  All the tools, tactics, strategies, software and platforms are secondary to your success.
If you don’t know where, when and how to fish, the best rod, reel and tackle won’t catch a fish. You’ll look like a Cabela’s catalog model.
Marketing is hard work, not hard work like putting in a root infested sewer line. Humping bundles of shingles to the peak of a roof that the boom couldn’t reach. Or hand floating a concrete slab in the sun on a windy day.  Been there, done that on all accounts.   
Marketing is hard work, in a different way. It starts with an idea. Then morphs into a plan/strategy backed by data. When that’s complete, execution is next, along with tracking results.

I have three types of clients:

  • The DIY business owners who try to do the marketing themselves. With little results, no time to stay consistent or no real idea of what marketing is. Thinking advertising is marketing.
  • The business owner who have used the big lead brokers like Angie’s List and Home Advisor. Or used some guru, internet marketing superstar that promised to get you a ton of leads.
  • Business owner in my age range, in their 40’s, early 50’s. That want to get up to speed with the digital marketing and keep up with the times.
If you fit into one of these three categories, YOU resemble my clients to a TEE.
I do a lot of research, both for my clients and my business.  What I have put together here for you with Contractor Marketing Network. Is a marketing system that fills all the gaps in the marketing industry for contractors.

What are your options, what is out there?

You have web designers they couldn’t sell a bottle of water to a man in a desert, but the websites are as pretty as spring day.  You have Facebook or Google Ads marketers that never owned a home. So they couldn’t know deep down what it is like to have home repair issues or deal with a home improvement project.
These marketers don’t know what a rain day is, they don’t know how employees effect your business.  They don’t understand chasing down invoices, scheduling jobs, cash flow. Running all over doing estimates or worse showing up to an estimate and the customer doesn’t.
So, what does all these things have to do with marketing?
Your website, ads, social media posts need to be customer oriented.  Meaning they need to speak to the emotions that people feel when they look for or need your service.
Your marketing needs to stay consistent. Managed as weather, employee problems or cash flow issues arise.
Your marketing attracts the type of customers you are trying to sell to.  If you are running all over God’s creation doing estimates for tire kickers. Or worse prospects that don’t show. Remember, your marketing attracted these types of customers.

What can Contractor Marketing Network, RJ Cooper and the Plus One Marketing System do for you.

  • Saves you money. The programs, software and hardware I use would cost you more than my service fees a month.  Your kid brother, friend or spouse would charge more than me and with less results.
  • Saves you time. Time you already don’t have.  Time from trying to learn something new.  Time wasted not getting things done, when they should.
  • Keeps you consistent. How many times have you done marketing blasts? Gotten busy then stopped marketing and then work dried up and repeated the cycle.  I keep your marketing consistent.
  • Less stresses. Although I can’t control the day to day, in the field stresses. I can control to a point. The business cash flow, scheduling issues and employee issues through marketing.
  • Makes you money. That is what marketing’s main goal is.  Marketing’s job isn’t to dump a boat load of leads in your inbox, voicemail or messenger.  Its job is to provide opportunity for you to sell profitable jobs.
  • Gives you a teammate. It is 10:38 pm, I am writing this website page.  My smartphone notified me. A painting contractor client received a message on his Facebook page from a prospect.  So, I text him, “Batter up!” (He is two time zones behind me.) I work close with all my clients. I communicate and am available from 6 am to 11 pm Monday through Saturday, Eastern Standard Time. I always respond .  There isn’t a marketing company large or small that can say that.
  • Sound advice. After 32 years, I have seen about everything. Plus working close with so many businesses over the years, I’ve seen what works. Notice problems before they happen and quite creative in coming up with solutions.
  • Processes and checklists. My entire system revolves around processes and checklists.  Like a ships captain goes through a process and checklist before launching off. So does my marketing system.  Success is processes and procedures, done right.
My business model differs from most marketing agencies.  I am not trying to scale to some big, internet famous status.  I offer my service to selected businesses and work hard for them.  Your success is my success, is not a tagline, but a work ethic/goal. 

The Wrap Up

If I have contacted you , I’ve spent my time looking at your business from all angles .  Your business is one that I know for a fact I can help.  The biggest question is if we are a good fit to work together and the only way that happens is some time on the phone.
If I did not contact you , then it was marketing that got you to this page. 
Understanding my clients problems is important. Solving those problems is what good businesses do.



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Contractor Marketing Network Facebook Study Group



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