Who We Are, What We’re About



I am a marketing consultant/coach and copy writer for small contracting and service businesses. I work with and for you to assist you in achieving your goals.


After talking to thousands of contractors from all types of businesses, I understand your pains. With all the marketing tips, systems, programs, etc. out there, you get overwhelmed, bombarded with calls from all types of marketers making B.S. promises.


You wonder if this or that type of marketing is going to be expensive or even worth it.  You wonder how involved you’ll need to be.  More importantly, you wonder will this marketing bring in the results your business needs.

Imagine, someone helping you put together a marketing system, that is tailored to your goals, is simpler, cheaper and with better results.


I believe that marketing a small business shouldn’t have to be expensive or time consuming and it should be measurable to see what is working.

Having a detailed plan, one that you can look at to see what to do and when, is vital to the future of your business.  This is why I spend time with you, to understand your goals and what makes you different than your competition.  Together we find an approach that makes you different, unique and allows you to stand out in a crowd.


I work as your teacher, your assistant and coach to get your marketing on the right track to reach your goals.  My approach is goal oriented and results driven.  Without a goal, everything you do is just doing something to make you feel like you are doing something.

Imagine, going on vacation with no destination (Goal).  How will you know what route to take (Plan).  How will you know when you get there (Measurable).  If there is a road block, you don’t change the goal, you change the route to get to the goal.  This is why, I spend the time getting to know the goal, to make a plan.


I have been in the contracting field since 1986 and have seen times change, businesses fail and succeed. I have had my own failures and successes.  By trade, I am a carpenter.  Working on over $3 billion in projects.  Being general superintendent on a few major sporting stadiums, power houses, high-rises, commercial and industrial buildings and airports, but my start was in residential and my career took a full circle back to residential.  I started marketing for others in 2009 and have helped many businesses achieve their goals and to this day those beginning clients still use my service in some capacity.


In my business, I want to build a relationship with my clients not only as a consultant but as a friend.  Business friendships, work because you feel vested in helping your friend succeed.  I use logic in my work, a can be creative when it is needed, not just for creativity’s sake.  I believe in results, regardless of what vehicle gets us to the goal.  The one that has the best return on investment, to reach the goal is the logical one to use.


There are many ways I can be of assistance to you and your business. You can read this blog, use one of my services or join the Facebook group and learn from me and other small service business owners.


If you want immediate assistance in your marketing, give me a call 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard time for a free consultation or shoot me an email with your problems and I will get in touch to discuss solutions to those problems with a free consultation.

Call 800-771-9671 Today

Fill out the form below and find out how we can help you solve your marketing problems, grow your business in size or profits.  


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